Traditional Shaker Kitchen, Colby
modern shaker kitchen colby isle of man
modern shaker kitchen isle of man
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Traditional Shaker Kitchen, Colby

Mr. and Mrs. N. had recently acquired a picturesque property that needed renovation. With the overwhelming schedules of the couple’s professional lives, they searched for an interior and architectural firm to deliver their dream of creating a traditional style kitchen that also transcends to provide a modern way of living. The existing kitchen lacked adequate storage facilities and contrasted with the overall beauty of the property. After approaching Creative Interiors, a survey of the space was undertaken and an intimate design proposal was composed and presented to the clients. The clients then came into the showroom to select from an array of styles, colours and designs to share their vision on their dream kitchen environment.

Although beautiful, their luxury extended farmhouse property required a new kitchen to be intricately designed to accommodate the unique features of the property such as the existing stone flooring with underfloor heating. Preparation work was undertaken by Creative Interiors including safely removing the previous kitchen features, working on the electricity and plumbing lines and reassuring that the walls were able to undertake the upcoming renovation. The new kitchen island provided by luxury German manufacturing brand Kuhlmann required electricity to be brought to it without disturbing the flooring. Therefore, a mock pillar was strategically constructed from the beam above which was perched on the island to secretly house all the power cables from the public eye. The kitchen was expertly fitted by our in-house installers who ensure that the job is thoroughly carried out with the utmost attention to detail.

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